The Jumpstart: Common App(lication)

The Jumpstart is an excellent option for the motivated student who seeks inspiration as he or she sets out to complete a stirring and authentic Common App essay. The plan includes the pre-meeting “12 Questions” exercise, eliciting possible directions for essay topics that we further explored in a one-hour consultation. We lead the student through a process of discovery culminating in a promising essay topic, initial drafting, and a paragraph-by-paragraph plan for a completed draft.  

Plan Includes: “12 Questions” exercise, Q&A email follow up prior to meeting, and a 1-hour coaching and writing session.

Fee: $150

The Jumpstart: UC Application

The UC Application essays (or "Prompts") differ in significant ways from other personal statements. Rather than developed stories, admissions officers look for clarity, depth, and context behind a student's choices and experiences. The Jumpstart (UC Application Prompts) balances these requirements with the same process of discovery that yields authentic, successful essays.

This version of The Jumpstart extends our consultation to 1.5 hours in order to leave time to work on two essays: Prompt 1 and Prompt 2. 

Includes: “12 Questions” exercise, Q&A email follow up prior to meeting, and a 1.5-hour coaching and writing session.

Fee: $200

The Completed Draft

Building off The Jumpstart, we also offer more intensive plans to help students complete their essays. We generally recommend up to three additional coaching sessions. We are also available by email for questions and draft review in-between meetings, further building in student accountability.

Each of the follow-up sessions begins with the student reading aloud his or her words, and together we listen for those moments where the student’s voice is particularly authentic, and others where he or she has reached for vague, commonplace, or otherwise forgettable language and ideas. Using the focused questioning and rapport developed within our initial consultation, we help the student to sharpen his or her language, and deepen moments of reflection. 

With this plan, the student will complete highly-revised drafts of the Common App essay or both UC Application Prompts, requiring only minor editorial changes


Completed Draft Version 1:
Common App Essay

Includes:  the “12 Questions” exercise, Q&A email follow up prior to meeting, an initial 1-hour coaching and writing session, followed by three additional 1-hour coaching sessions (4 sessions total). Also includes free email-based draft review between sessions.        


Fee: $550

Completed Draft Version 2:
UC Application Essays ("Prompts")

Includes: the “12 Questions” exercise, Q&A email follow up prior to meeting, two 1.5-hour coaching and writing consultations, followed by two 1-hour coaching sessions (for a total of 4 sessions, or 5 hours). This plan includes a free half-hour of coaching plus  free email-based draft review between sessions.                                                                  

Fee: $650